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121 Coaching

During our 121 time together, we will evaluate, position, and package your expertise and needs so that you are seen as a competent and experienced customer success professional.

My promise to you:

In 30 days or less, no matter what package you choose, you will eliminate confusion and have gained a clear action plan that achieves your specific & desired outcomes.

Customer Success Career Evolution


Assess your: Strengths, weaknesses, skills transference, purpose, values, impact, and more.

Build your: Customer success credibility & knowledge, CSM Top Applicant score, resume, "uniquely you" statement, networking skills, and more.

Capture: Employer attention, open customer success positions, ideal interviews, perfect answers, negotiating tactics, perfect job, desired salary, and more.

1. Become irreplaceable & ridiculously marketable with our success plays, employer health scoring, collaboration strategies, toolkit creation, cheat sheets, and more.

2. Master your CS competencies using our employment scorecard, employment success equation, CS position decision marker, and more.

3. Win that promotion by addressing three key variables to maximize success, expanding our employment success equation, developing your prescriptive growth engine, and more.


The "Secret Weapon" your boss doesn't know about. Use my in-depth customer success skillset, and take all the credit! Do you need help with...

  • Segmentation & engagement strategies

  • Playbook & Success Plan creation

  • Funding model

  • Comp/Bonus creation

  • KPI development

  • Onboarding & Handoff tactics

  • Recruiting methods


"As I was pivoting my career to Customer Success, a peer who recently made the transition recommended the ebook, “How To Land & Succeed in a Customer Success Career”. I then reached out to the author, Dana Soza, who kindly took the time to connect multiple times, until I became a client. The time invested in having Dana Soza guide me to my next move was, in a word, life-changing! Dana brings many years of wisdom and instinct to this process. She uniquely using the “rear-view mirror”, to draw upon my past experiences and the “windshield” to offer keen and predictive insights into what I really needed to focus on for my next move. I highly recommend Dana as an invaluable resource that every career-minded professional should leverage and I look forward to continue working with this incredible coach!" Bertil Weil, Customer Success Executive, BetterCloud

"Dana is a superstar Customer Success (CS) professional. Smart, caring, always helping others. She is super-organized, analytical, and has strong strategic planning skills. Dana can develop a strategic plan and map it out visually so everyone understands it. I was new to CS and Dana walked me through what to read, how CS is built into all SaaS businesses, and what differentiates well-executed CS from mediocre CS. She is dedicated to her clients and thereby creates value for her organization. Finally, she is absolutely pleasant to be around and extraordinary kind-hearted. A great human being!" Paul Zak, World Renowned Ted Talker, Founder, Chief Immersion Officer, Immersion Neuroscience

"You were the biggest breath of fresh air in my journey trying to break into this field! Thank you for the time you spent with me. It meant so much to me and really helped me to learn the industry, branch out and meet other CSMs, and you introduced me to great people. THANK YOU! You have helped me to find my career path and direction in life professionally and I can't thank you enough." Arica Benshoof, Customer Success Manager, HITRUST

"Dana Soza is one of the best career coaches in the business. After just one session with Dana, I had SIX full pages of notes. Having this type of access is priceless and at this price - a steal." Betsy Soler, Customer Growth, Tagboard

"It is rare to meet anyone as enthusiasm for improving customer experience and making them successful as Dana. She has such drive and focus to constantly learn, apply and improve whatever she is asked to do meaning that everything from a task level to holistic picture is comprehensive and thorough. She brings everything, every day and is ready to tackle the next challenge relentlessly collaborating with whomever she needs to in order to gain a clear understanding of what needs to happen next. She has excellent communication skills and is able to deliver findings and recommendations in an effortless way making her easy to work with as a trusted advisor and trusted colleague." Claudia Belardo,  ACXMVP, Business Transformation, IFS

"I had the pleasure of working with Dana for 2 years while onboarding, collaborating and coordinating Omacro software within my IT enterprise systems. Dana was my liaison for aspect of the project from the very beginning. The level of efficiently she had for my account was unlike any other. Dana's ability to handle all aspects of my account from sales, IT integration and client management was her secret sauce (it was a natural quality). Without Dana and her partnership between Omacro and my company we would have never gotten to where we are today. Any employer would be lucky to get her." Heather Stevenson. Project Manager, Strategic Accounts, QSC Audio Products, LLC

"I highly recommend Dana Soza as both a Leadership and Customer Success Management coach. Dana really took the time to learn what I wanted to get out of the engagement and where my starting points were. She crafted an individual response plan and worked with me to improve very specific areas. Dana has many ideas and tools to help along the way. She is very personable and action-oriented. Dana will push you to be a better version of yourself, which is what a great coach should do! I benefited greatly from working with her and remain a big fan/supporter of Dana and her methods." Glenn Hummel, Senior Manager, CSM, Americas at AVEVA

What You Can Expect

Land that customer success role with or without direct experience using our Landing Plays, including career pivot strategies, resume revamp, kick-ass cover letters, ATS tricks, self-assessments, and a lot more.

Bypass the line of hundreds of applicants with hacks that win you interviews: Linkedin strategies, credibility tactics, reflected glory building, targeted promotion, community contributions, and much more.

Gain confidence during interviews when discussing customer success with a crash course in its delivery through our Employment Journey Playbook guide.

Stop applying &
start strategizing: 
Use our Employment Scorecard to determine the area(s) that will catapult you to success the quickest, including personal brand top applicant scoring, onboarding, and so much more.

Negotiate to success with our Do-The-Unexpected Toolkit.

Prepare for your promotion using our Employment Scorecard.

Make you irreplaceable and ridiculously marketable with our Succeed Plays, including employer health scoring, collaboration strategies, toolkit creation, cheat sheets, and more.

Expand your reach and influence: Develop your own prescriptive success engine, including GTM, funding model, analytics, and more.

Leap from here to there with lightning speed using our Land & Succeed Plays.

Find your voice by establishing, then learning how to powerfully position your chosen customer success focus around growth and retention.

Build your success momentum: Make the leap now by starting the creation process now, including a scalable customer success business case, revenue models, presenting to the board, and more.

Ensure your success: Crawl, walk, then run using a tried-and-true piloting process and communication strategy.

Success Stories

 “Dana helped me create MY story as I was pivoting into Customer Success.  You need to be ready to go down the rabbit hole...all the way down, because she makes it her personal mission to get you where you need to go. ”

Bertil Weil, Customer Success Executive - Global Strategic Accounts


Coaching Type: CS Career Newbie


Coaching Length: 3 months




Goal: Pivot from Sr. Account Manager his first CSM role in SaaS with ideal/right-fit employer

COACHING SUCCESS FACTOR PLAYBOOKS: “Raise CS IQ”, Job Search strategy, CS Community Thought Leadership and Engagement


Pivoting from Account Management at a Research & Consulting Firm into Customer Success at a SaaS Ops organization.  


After over two years as a Sr. Account Manager at Gartner, a Fortune 500 and NYSE Research and Consulting Firm, Bertil wanted to focus more on delivering value and achieving his client’s desired outcomes, and knew customer success was where he wanted to be.


This goal was even more significant given his future aspirations of landing a promotion within 24 months, and potentially a Chief Customer Officer position within 5 years, therefore achieving results quickly was of utmost importance. Further, because of economic conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he faced a substantial amount of competition, and a finite amount of time to demonstrate he was the right person for the job.


Based on his goals we focused on three areas:  (1) Navigating the customer success job-hunting process quickly and in a strategic way, (2) Raising his “CS IQ”, and (3) Becoming a well-known figure in the customer success community.


With Dana’s guidance, Bertil achieved several successes: (1) He received 3 job offers in a 2-week time frame, including his #1 company choice, and (2) Leveraged these offers to secure a comp package that was commensurate with his experience and value, and (3) Gained a Customer Success Executive  at his #1 preferred SaaS Ops company, BetterCloud, in 6 weeks time. 

And in less than a year he has become a well-known and respected member of the customer success community.  He’s been named a Top 25 North America Customer Success Leader Watchlist by SuccessHACKERS, became a BetterCloud Certified Admin, completed a Winning by Design Customer Success Certification course, is a Volunteer Coach for Practical CSM, and more.


  1. Landed a Customer Success Manager, Global Strategic Accounts role

  2. Hired at his #1 choice company

  3. Received 3 job offers in a 2-week time frame

  4. Hired in 6 weeks 

  5. Leveraged offers to receive a comp package that was commensurate with what he brought to the table.

  6. Named Top 25 North America Customer Success Leader Watchlist


  1. Crafting and updating resume,  +3 design options

  2. Creation of custom 150-word “Uniquely You” statement 

  3. Redesign and complete resume revamp

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What to Expect From a Discovery Call

I work with clients in various ways and have several options for turn-key as well as custom solutions to best fit your goals and budget.

Our discovery call helps us assess if we’re a great fit for each other, and what we would work on together going forward.  I want to learn about you! 

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If you are a founder or executive at a startup or growth-stage SaaS organization wanting to optimize, roll out, or build your customer success department and delivery from the ground-up, then let's talk CS Strategy!


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If you are a Customer Success Newbie™, or hopeful-entrant wanting to break into the exciting customer success space and want to learn more about our one-to-one coaching, then let's get ready to make your mark your customer success!

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