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Customer Success is still such a new concept that few people know how to help and even fewer are experts!  As a Top 100 Global Customer Success Strategist, I want to change all that.  Enter Turnkey Customer Success.  It's now simple and easy to get you up and running fast, so you can concentrate on what's most important: Your, and your customer's success.  

Trusted Consultant to executives at these top companies.

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for Customer-Centric Leaders

Want to build your customer success organization from the ground up using best practices?  Or do you want to validate and optimize your current state of customer success? Or something else? We have a program that can help you.  As a Top 100 Global Customer Success Strategist who has worked for the “big boys” and boostrapped startups--and everything in between—Dana Soza provides the right strategy and programs at the exact startup phase you’re at. 

Jump Start Success


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Want to build your CS program from the
ground up using best practices?

This provides the building blocks,
templates and support needed to kickstart
CS Organization, Customer Success
Strategy/Program/Initiative, or CSM Group.

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...Or something else?

This option is for those wanting to
achieve their outcomes through
(1) A Traditional Consulting Process
(2) Ongoing Retainer Services
(3) A Blend of Services Not Specified
(4) Or Something Else

Optimize Outcomes


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Want to validate or optimize your Current
State of Customer Success?

This is to review and evaluate a current, or planned, CS strategy, organization, or program and provide go-forward recommendations with best practices that align to your company's goals.

Note: All packages include our signature C.S.A.T Growth Engine Tool

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Product & User

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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

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 C.S.A.T Growth

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Scientifically-Proven TalkTrack & Asset

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ADKAR Change

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Interviews: Customer, Internal Teams, and Partners

C.S.A.T. Growth Engine Tool

Use Customer Success as a Growth Engine to Dramatically Increase Revenue & Advocacy for Saas companies with our maturity assessment


Charter focuses on mission, KPIs, activities, etc. and the socialization of those efforts company-wide.


Analytics reveals the maturity of your customer intelligence, data health, tech stack, integrations, and more.


Strategy looks to create and move the needle on your Customer Success GTM, services, funding model, and more.


Talent proves out what is needed to build a world-class team in areas including identification, onboarding, retention, and more.

Some Outcomes our Clients Have Achieved

See Results Our Consulting
Client have Achieved

     It is rare to meet anyone as enthusiasm for improving customer experience and making them successful as Dana. She has excellent communication skills and is able to deliver findings and recommendations in an effortless way making her easy to work with as a trusted advisor and trusted colleague." Claudia Belardo, VP of Customer Success & Experience Transformation, IFS

    Dana is a superstar Customer Success (CS) professional. Smart, caring, always helping others. She is super-organized, analytical, and has strong strategic planning skills. Finally, she is absolutely pleasant to be around and extraordinary kind-hearted. A great human being!" Paul Zak, Founder & Chief Immersion Officer, Immersion Neuroscience

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