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Customer Success is still such a new concept that few people know how to help and even fewer are experts!  As a Top 100 Global Customer Success Strategist, I want to change all that.  Enter Turnkey Customer Success.  It's now simple and easy to get you up and running fast, so you can concentrate on what's most important: Your, and your customer's success.  

Trusted coach to customer success professionals at these top companies



for New and Seasoned CSMs and CS Leaders

As a coach, my goal is to make coaching affordable with turnkey solutions and templates that get you what you need
quickly.  Why?  Because I want you investing your time in your customer success career...not coaching to get you there.
Coaching in customer success is a niche offering with few experts who can help, so it can be cost-prohibitive. But I make it
easy with simple standard offerings to get you on the road to success quickly and effortlessly.  Find out more below!​ 



Are you a newbie or seasoned CS professional and want to land your dream CS job, but need a plan to get noticed & hired quickly with a little help from an expert?

Get that dream customer success
job with a CS expert by your side!





Do you have some burning questions you want to run by a customer success expert? Book an Ask Me Anything Hour.

Gain clarity or create a plan with an Ask Me Anything hour!​





Are you a CSM or CS Leader needing to rock your 1st 90-days? Or a CS professional deserving of a promotion, or perhaps better opportunities elsewhere?

Get what you deserve with a coach guiding you to success!





Are you a Searcher, Climber, or CS Leader (Crusher) needing a custom plan to fit your needs?

Create your custom coaching plan during a discovery call!





Learn how the 10 Laws of Customer Success can be used to find your first customer success job and succeed in your first year as a Customer Success Manager!  You’ll learn how to: 

  • Pursue the right employer

  • Make you and your employer wildly successful

  • Gain your company's loyalty 

  • Accelerate the hiring process 

  • Guarantee the achievement of your bonus plan

  • Differentiate yourself from the masses, and much more!   


Ebook Part II.png


Take your newly acquired Customer Success Manager position and parlay it into a coveted Director of Customer Success position!  You’ll: 

  • Receive Two (2) FREE scorecards to gauge your Employment Success and learn to apply the 4 P's of customer success.

  • Use the Customer Success Equation to win a promotion.

  • Learn to flip your perspective to catapult your success.

  • Practice actionable tactics to win at work.

  • Gain insider knowledge on how customer success works, and much more!


See Results Our Coaching
Client have Achieved

As I was pivoting my career to Customer Success, a peer who recently made the transition recommended the ebook, “How To Land & Succeed in a Customer Success Career”. I then reached out to the author, Dana Soza who kindly took the time to connect multiple times, until I became a client.

The time invested in having Dana Soza guide me to my next move was, in a word, life-changing! Dana brings many years of wisdom and instinct to this process. She uniquely using the “rear-view mirror”, to draw upon my past experiences and the “windshield” to offer keen and predictive insights into what I really needed to focus on for my next move.

I highly recommend Dana as an invaluable resource that every career-minded professional should leverage and I look forward to continue working with this incredible coach!

Bertil Weil
Strategic Sr CSM, Cloudflare

In trying to step into the world of customer success, I really had no idea where to start. I came across Dana's website and thought I would try her out and see if she could help me. She went above and beyond to help me. After our first session, she helped connect me with some contacts in the industry which helped me get an interview! She has a ton of experience and knowledge in the industry and has a lot of templates and information to help anyone wanting to get into CSM. I highly recommend her if you are wanting to get into a CSM role and don't know where to start.

Angela Haron
Project Manager/CSM, Chathan Worth

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