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Cup of Coffee

Is Your Dream Career Worth the Price of a Cup of Coffee?

Recently, I met up with a friend and colleague at our favorite coffee shop. You know, the one with the green mermaid?  I have to admit my friend looked like she had been through quite the battle. When I asked her what was wrong, she shared with me that she felt stuck. 

“Dana, I don’t understand it. I try and try, and things just don’t go my way. I have interviewed for so many jobs, and I am not getting the offers that I expected or wanted. I just feel stuck.”  

I knew her dream job was to break into this emerging field of customer success, and she really wanted to break away from sales. Just like me, she found sales to be soul-crushing. It just wasn’t for her. With so many opportunities in one of the most prolific fields in the tech industry, I was surprised that she was “stuck” looking for her customer success entry.  So, we sat down, and she described her employment journey over the past few months. I quickly realized that my friend was missing a few pieces of her “CS skills” puzzle.  

Why Write This Book Anyway?

I have learned so much because my feelings of frustration and unfulfillment drove me to search to the ends of the Earth—well as far as Europe anyway—to find where I fit best.  Thankfully I stumbled upon Customer Success and found both my passion and my forever home within it. But not everyone is that lucky!  So, that’s where I, and this book, come in.  

My 15+ years of experience being mentored by the best and learning what both the startups and billion-dollar corporations are looking for, and doing, in addition to my background in psychology, and my 7+ years of ever-developing thought leadership in customer success have given me so much understanding that I want to share it with YOU.  


Customer Success coaching and consulting are my passions.  That is why I wrote this book, and why I founded my consulting practice, Dana Soza Customer Solutions. I want to help you reach your professional and personal goals using my transformational approach, techniques and processes. 

Sound familiar? It did to me! We’ve all had that experience of wanting a better job. A better experience. A better life! When things don’t line up for us, we tend to feel stuck. Even though we don’t intend to be in that position, we often can’t figure out what we need to do to find our way out. That is why I wrote my book, “How to Land and Succeed in a Customer Success Career.” 

Because my purpose in life is to make a marked difference in others’ lives… and that’s the truth.  


How Will This Secure My Dream Job Exactly?

The inspiration for this book came one day when I started to once again feel unfulfilled…this time in customer success [gasp]!  I had learned so much over the years and wasn’t getting to spread my wings, create, and reach my full potential.   


Have you ever felt like that?  It’s the worst, right?! 


Well, I took action by tackling that feeling head-on and allowing myself to get creative and spread my wings the only way I knew how by writing a Linkedin article of all things!  That’s how it started.  And 2-months later it was a 100+ page book, that I’ve now turned into a four-part series!   


Why 4 parts, you ask?  Don’t I need the entire book to secure my dream job in customer success?   


Nope!  I’ve got some experience in training & education, and the more digestible something is, the easier it is to put into practice.  There are sooooooo many amazing goodies inside, I knew if I gave it all at once, you would be less likely to land your dream job.  By releasing a bit at a time, you’ll be more likely to secure your dream job because you have time to apply it.   

How often do we read a book, it sits on a shelf, and we forget about 75% of what we learned?   By sharing a bit at a time, it gives you time to: 


Read Part 1 > Put into practice > Land your dream CSM job > Master it!  


Read Part 2 > Put into practice > Win the Director of Customer Success promotion > Master it! 


Read Part 3 > Put into practice > Win the VP then Sr. VP of Customer Success promotion > Master it! 


Read Part 4 > Put into practice > Win the most coveted Chief Customer Officer promotion > then kick butt!  


It’s chock-full of insights, resources, real-world applications, tactics, strategies, tips and tricks, nuggets of wisdom, best practices, and playbooks. It is some of the best advice on how to level up your customer success career.  Don’t take my word for it.  ​  

Look at what the very best thought leaders in the customer success space are saying:


      Loved your personal story upfront.  The parallel you discuss is something we are passionate about here (CS and Teammate Success)…looks great!” Nick Mehta, Chief Executive Officer of the $1Billion mega giant customer success platform, Gainsight



      Dana creatively and uniquely interprets the 10 Laws of Customer Success and other familiar frameworks into a well-orchestrated personal guide to landing and advancing a CS career.” Ruben Rabago, Board Advisor, Author, Gainsight’s former Chief Strategist, and current Chief Customer Officer of Intellum



    This is outstanding. Great job!” Phil Nanus, Top 50 Customer Success Influencers, Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, Advisory Member, and Senior Vice President, Salesforce


Now it’s your chance to take action by reading my book and putting it into practice in your own career! 

What Outcomes Should I Expect?



Get a leg up on the competition with proven strategies--from creating a kick-ass cover letter to nailing that interview—to apply now!

“Wow” recruiters with your newly acquired “CS IQ”™ by putting key customer success principles into action.

See how three core customer success methodologies—the Journey, Handoff, and Playbook—work in tandem to achieve the goal of…

Young Business Colleagues


Get that promotion by learning to develop your own customer success strategies & tactics utilizing resources from industry-leaders in the space.

Gain a broader picture of where this field is headed and what the future might hold for you as you continue your upward trajectory.

Discover new on-demand resources that will help you level-up your customer success knowledge.

Confidently  answer  the question,  "Where do I go from here?", to achieve the goal of…

Landing Your Dream Job in Customer Success!

Continuously Succeeding in Your Customer Success!

The Secrets to Attracting a Career in CS are in This Book!

I looked at my friend and said, “I have something I want you to read. It is the first two parts of my book. This book will teach you everything you need to know to get your foot in the door, facts you need to know, even how and what to say in interviews! It will have employers banging down your door. You’ll become an upskilling ninja. It will recharge your job-seeking batteries and jumpstart your career.” 


It's got imagery, pictures, graphs, charts, scorecards, and the wise words of the very best thought leaders in our space.   


Why did I do it this way?  Because we all learn differently, visual, kinesthetic, auditory, etc., so I can guarantee this book will meet you exactly where you’re at and give you the tools to rock your Customer Success job search, and subsequent promotions.” 

Are you ready to learn how to break into the field of CS and become a Customer Success Manager?

Then leave your email and download Part 1 for freeeeeeeeee!   


In Part 1 you will learn... the 10 Laws of Customer Success can be used to find your dream job in customer success!  You’ll learn how to: 

  • Pursue the right employer  

  • Make you and your employer wildly successful 

  • Gain a potential employer’s loyalty 

  • Accelerate the hiring process 

  • Manage your time so you have more of it  

  • Differentiate yourself from the masses, and much more!  

But wait, there’s more… isn’t there always?  Circling back to the beginning of this story, my friend was so excited by this news that she paid for my cup of coffee. That made me think. Would you want to change your life for the price of a cup of coffee?  If so, then you’re in luck!  Part 2 is, dum, dah, dah, dum…. yes, the price of a cup of coffee. 

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and prepare yourself NOW to become a Director… and learn what it takes to win that promotion?

Then download Part 2 for the price of that cup of coffee… it’ll change your life.  Yup, I just said it.  I’m not afraid. 

In Part 2 you will know how to...


...take your newly acquired Customer Success Manager position and parlay it into a coveted Director of CS position!  You’ll: 

  • Receive Two (2) FREE scorecards: One to gauge your current company’s Customer Success (courtesy of my friend and fellow thought-leader Nils Vinje), and mine to gauge your Employment Success thus far 

  • Know exactly what it takes to prepare yourself for a Director of Customer Success position. 

  • Learn the key areas to focus on as a Director of Customer Success 

  • Determine exactly how to flip your perspective to catapult your success 

  • Gain insider knowledge and some of the best kept secrets on how customer success really works 

  • Practice actionable tactics that get you to that next promotion of Vice President, and so much more! 


"How can I get your entire book on securing my customer success dream job?"  

Part 3 of my book is about to come out.  And when it does, wouldn’t you know it? All I ask for in exchange is the cost of another cup of coffee… caffeine addict?  Maybe.  Addicted to your success. Most definitely. 


And Part 4 will follow shortly thereafter.  So, keep your eyes peeled. 

"Will $5 help me land my desired customer success job?"

For the same price as a cup of coffee, you can download each part of my book.  

Imagine five bucks to increase your income potential.  


Five bucks to increase your career success.  


Five bucks to give your career longevity.  


Five bucks to finding your dream job.   

This could be your next step to accomplish your goals and work in an exciting profession while earning your way to success. 


When you read it, you will experience a change in your outlook on Customer Success. It is revolutionary! You will have the insights to know what skills you should have at every level of your CS career. I’m not making huge promises, only realistic ones, like this will help you find your passion and dream job. It will also help you rise to another level of customer success performance.  

But what if you’re already a Customer Success Professional? Well, this book was written with you in mind also!  Part 1 is all about breaking into CS, but Parts 2-4 teach you how to gain each promotion starting from CSM, to Director, to VP, or Sr. VP, to the coveted Chief Customer Officer role of your dreams. Your understanding of what it takes to pivot and elevate your career will expand.  


If you are looking for an in to the hottest career in the world, and the tools to get promoted each step of the way, now is the time to act! How hot is this job? Linkedin’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report of Fastest-Growing Jobs in the World tapped Customer Success Specialists at a growth rate of 35% and average pay of $90,000!   


Now, scroll down. Leave your email, five bucks, and download Parts 1 and 2 of my book…the recipe to your success.


There will be nothing to stop you, but... you! 


A Success Playbook for Your Employment Journey

Ebooks Download
Book a Call
Running Up


How to Land and Succeed in the Customer Success Profession


PART ONE the 10 Laws of Customer Success can be used to find your dream job in customer success!  You’ll learn how to: 

  • Pursue the right employer  

  • Make you and your employer wildly successful 

  • Gain a potential employer’s loyalty 

  • Accelerate the hiring process 

  • Manage your time so you have more of it  

  • Differentiate yourself from the masses, and much more!  


...take your newly acquired Customer Success Manager position and parlay it into a coveted Director of CS position!  You’ll: 

  • Receive Two (2) FREE scorecards to gauge your Employment Success thus far.

  • Learn the key areas to focus on as a Director of Customer Success

  • Determine how to flip your perspective to catapult your success

  • Gain insider knowledge on how customer success really works

  • Practice actionable tactics to win your next promotion, and more!

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