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We are a lean and mean contracting, consulting, and coaching firm specializing in providing customer success services to B2B SaaS companies and startups that are bootstrapped, angel-invested, or venture-backed in the Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, and some Series C stages. 


Our main focus and expertise is finding and filling your strategic and operational business gaps using our proven and proprietary C.S.A.T. SaaS Maturity Assessment to determine areas of strength and improvement.


Then, using stage-specific customer success  solutions we help you, your organization, and your company reach the next stage of maturity and growth.  A few  focus areas include stage-specific organizational structures, segmentation strategies, CSM engagement activities, managed service offerings, unified GTM Strategies,  and developing best-in-class customer success talent by properly identifying, onboarding, building and retaining great talent.


And we can do it all in a turnkey format to reach your next stage of maturity and growth without breaking the bank. That’s what makes us different.



Contracting, consulting and coaching are typically heavy on customization based on client needs, especially in customer success. This is because it’s still in its infancy, so best practices and one-size-fits-all is tough to accomplish. But that’s exactly what I aim to achieve:

Turnkey templates, solutions, and processes that you can customize yourself on-demand, with just a little advisory help from me, when and where you need it most.

Budget friendly solutions to handle your “Customer Everything” needs using turnkey, plug-and-play templates and processes that help both you and your customers.

Outcome-driven advisory sessions to guide you on the right path, or provide solid go-forward recommendations using tried and true customer success methodology and best practices.

Fast and reliable answers when and where you need it most. Insightful maturity assessments to determine your organization’s strengths and areas of improvement.

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How to Land and Succeed in the Customer Success Profession

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Learn how Gainsight's 10 Laws of Customer Success can be used to find your first customer success job and succeed in your first year as a Customer Success Manager!  You’ll learn how to: 


Take your newly acquired Customer Success Manager position and parlay it into a coveted Director of Customer Success position!  You’ll: 

  • Pursue the right employer  

  • Make you and your employer wildly successful 

  • Gain a company's loyalty 

  • Accelerate the hiring process 

  • Guarantee the achievement of your bonus plan

  • Differentiate yourself from the masses, and much more!  

  • Receive Two (2) FREE scorecards to gauge your Employment Success thus far by applying the 4 Ps of Customer Success.

  • Use the Customer Success Equation to win a promotion.

  • Learn to flip your perspective to catapult your success.

  • Practice actionable tactics to truly "win" at work.

  • Gain insider knowledge on how customer success works, and more more!


Our Services

I work with clients in various ways and have several options for turnkey and on-demand services that best fit your goals and budget. Whether you’re new to customer success trying to break in, a founder wanting to start things right, or a customer success professional who is looking for guidance and best practices, I can help.  See my services below.



Have a few burning questions you need answers to? Book me for an "AMA Hour" and get the clarity you're looking for.


Business Consultation


SaaS Companies

During our 121 time together, we will evaluate, position, and package your expertise and needs so that you are seen as a competent and experienced customer success professional.

Fists in Solidarity


CS Professionals

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

Business Meeting




"I'm perfect for Customer Success —
I just need a chance to prove myself."

* In 30 days or less, no matter what package you choose, you will eliminate confusion and have gained a clear action plan that achieves your specific & desired outcomes.

Our Services

How we work

For Consult & Train Turnkey Services follow this path with us to success.

Schedule Your Consultation

Design Your Program or Training

Execute with an Expert

Achieve your Success Goals

Go to our “Our Services” page > select the turnkey offering that best fits your needs  > schedule your free consultation now.

Use turnkey building blocks to design program or training based on your business goals and budget.

Execute on advised strategy using the curated templates and expert hours needed to achieve success.

(Train: Schedule & execute training)

Iterate on the tools & insights provided to scale up for years to come to gain success for your customers, company, employees, and ultimately success for all.  

How we work


Let our partners tell you that we are the most professional.

     It is rare to meet anyone as enthusiasm for improving customer experience and making them successful as Dana. She has excellent communication skills and is able to deliver findings and recommendations in an effortless way making her easy to work with as a trusted advisor and trusted colleague." Claudia Belardo, VP of Customer Success & Experience Transformation, IFS


         Dana is a superstar Customer Success (CS) professional. Smart, caring, always helping others. She is super-organized, analytical, and has strong strategic planning skills. Finally, she is absolutely pleasant to be around and extraordinary kind-hearted. A great human being!" Paul Zak, Founder & Chief Immersion Officer, Immersion Neuroscience


         From the first day I met her I was impressed. While at D&B she immersed herself into learning the business, internal networks and of course, her clients. It was highly evident that she is dedicated to being successful in her role AND being seen as a trusted advisor to her clients." Lisa HaysDirector of Customer Success, Dun & Bradstreet



Clients' story


Sr. Manager, CSM, Global, AVEVA

"I highly recommend Dana Soza as both a Leadership and Customer Success Management coach. She crafted an individual response plan and worked with me to improve very specific areas. She is very personable and action-oriented. I benefited greatly from working with her and remain a big fan/supporter of Dana and her methods." 

Success case

Dana Soza Customer Solutions provides desired outcomes for its clients while delivering an exceptional customer experience.  Read on to learn about some of the success our clients have received. Then contact us so we can achieve the same for you!

Success Case

Sr. CSM, Cloudflare

 “Dana helped me create my story as I was pivoting into Customer Success.  You need to be ready to go down the rabbit hole...all the way down, because she makes it her personal mission to get you where you need to go. ”

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