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Training CSMs to Rock Their 1st 90-days

  • 45 min
  • Zoom

Service Description

If you want to become irreplaceable, it starts with your customers. The biggest challenges I see regularly in coaching CSMs is not knowing what to do in their new role. This challenge doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the leaders managing their teams. It’s a product of the ever-evolving practice of customer success, the almost frantic pace of SaaS companies, and the maturity of both…to name a few. This leads CSMs scratching their heads, wanting to contribute, but not knowing how…and not knowing how to prioritize their time even if they do know! There are six (6) universal steps to becoming a great CSM in 90-days. These stand true no matter the customer segment, the SaaS solution, or the engagement strategy level, e.g., High, Mid, Low, Tech Touch. This will teach CSMs how to: 1. Know exactly what to do in the 1st 90-days, no matter how CS is executed or measured. 2. Align 100% with your leader/manager’s goals & expectations, powerfully, that will “wow” them. 3. Gain a holistic understanding of your customers, the product, engagement strategies, and more. 4. Become a team player and Cross-Collaborating Ninja who everyone knows can deliver. 5. Focus your time and efforts on what makes a real difference to the business. 6. Make yourself irreplaceable. The session is/are: 1. 90-minutes 2. Live with Dana as the facilitator. 3. Larger group breakout training sessions. Up to 20 can participate (4 breakouts) 4. Meant for CSMs/Sr. CSMs within same company with <1-3 years direct CSM/SaaS experience. 5. Breakouts to collaborate as a team and solve for 2 steps using their job/employer/customers as the use case. Training is organized as follows: 1. Main session: 30-min training by Dana 2. Main session: 10-min review of exercise 3. Breakouts: 20-min solving for 2 of the 6-steps 4. Main session: 30-mins on takeaways to share as a group: What are next steps: 1. Book this Discovery Call. 2. Dana will ask some questions to tailor the training appropriately 3. A final proposal is submitted with pricing (ranging from $1200-$2000)

Contact Details

Newport Beach, CA, USA

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