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Team Excellence & Collaboration​

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

If you want real success for your customers, it starts with your employees. We all know how to create customer champions. Well, some do anyway. It’s still a mystery to many, and rightly so! But how do we create internal champions? And why is it important? Because they’re the ones who will root you on, help push you up the ladder, and support you, because they know you support them. During this training Dana will show how to apply her Employment Success Equation to develop a powerful, well-oiled, cross-collaboration machine, and a leader everyone in the organization is rooting for. She does this with her unique perspective on how Customer Success Principles can be used to create Success for All. This will teach Leaders of CSMs how to: 1. Create internal champions for both you and your team. 2. Motivate your teams to work together in a powerful way. 3. Help your team apply this principle to their own career development 4. Turn your 121's with each direct report into meetings with purpose and accountability. 5. Cultivate a team who everyone in the company enjoys working with. 6. Inspire you to apply this principle to your fellow leaders, to gain more collective influence. 7. and more! The session is/are: 1. 90-minutes 2. Live with Dana as the facilitator. 3. Small group training sessions. Up to 6 can participate. 4. Meant for Managers/Leaders/Directors of CSMs within the same company. 5. Working sessions where everyone collaborates together. Training is organized as follows: 1. Main session: 30-min training by Dana 2. Main session: 10-min review of exercise 3. Breakouts: 30-min solving for 2 relevant use cases 4. Main session: 30-mins to share takeaways as a group What are next steps: 1. Book this Discovery Call. 2. Dana will ask some questions to tailor the training appropriately 3. A final proposal is submitted with pricing (ranging from $1200-$2000)

Contact Details

Newport Beach, CA, USA

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