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Creating an Expansive Growth Engine

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

If you want real success for your C-suite, it starts with a unifying battle cry. Well, that might sound a bit dramatic, but you get the idea. More and more, CEOs are looking to the CSM Group to become a growth-engine of the business. And now more than ever, with the rise of SaaS startup’s focusing on either an IPO or M&A, a highly profitable business is a necessity. So, whoever can directly contribute to that growth will be highly valued and you can write your own ticket. You’ll have the opportunity to focus solely on this multi-day project as a leadership team with no interruptions. This highly collaborative multi-day training session will help you: 1. Work as a group to design the framework for your SaaS Company's CSM Group Growth-Engine. 2. Leverage Dana’s Signature C.S.A.T. CS Maturity Assessment to create the framework, core building blocks, activities, and more, in four (4) areas: a. Charter to align all groups to a clear purpose b. Sustainable funding model c. Talent Engine d. Analytics Engine 3. Prioritize the growth-engine areas that will make the most impact in the shortest time. 4. Be in a room with the very people who you’ll need to align with and include in its creation. 5. Outline your 90-day, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month step-by-step plan that includes outlining the activities, questions, research, etc. that are necessary to complete your Growth-Engine. 6. and more! The session are organized as followed: 1. There are 5 sessions total over 8 weeks 2. We meet every other week 3. Each session is approximately 2 hours long 4. Dana is the facilitator 5. Small group working sessions. Up to 6 can participate. 6. Meant for CSM Group Sr. Leadership w/in the same company who require each other to create a cohesive growth-engine. Training is organized as follows: 1. We meet every other week so there’s time to go back and do the work. 2. Session 1: Take Dana’s C.S.A.T. Maturity Assessment & find alignment with group discussion. 3. Session 2-5 : Focus on developing on 1 of the 4 categories of the C.S.A.T., including Charter, Strategy, Analytics, Talent. What are next steps: 1. Book this Discovery Call. 2. Dana will ask some questions to tailor the training appropriately 3. A final proposal is submitted with pricing (TBD)

Contact Details

Newport Beach, CA, USA

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